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You have questions, we have answers.
Below is a list of the common questions we receive from admins, tech coordinators & teachers when they are considering purchasing or trialing HomeworkNOW for their class or school. If you answer is still not answerd, click here to contact us.

Q: Can I see a live demonstration of the administrative features?

Contact us today and request a live demo.

Q: Can I See A Live School Site?

Click here to view how one of our participating schools is using HomeworkNOW.

Q: Why is the service so inexpensive? What's the catch?

No catch. We have been providing the HomeworkNOW service since 1996 at extremely low prices with no advertisements. Our mission is to help schools communicate better and communicate with little or no cost.

Q: What is the major difference between a schoolwide and individual teacher accounts?

If you only have a few teachers that plant to use HomeworkNOW, you may be considering having them purchase individual accounts rather than a schoolwide account, which is fine.  But realize that schoolwide accounts not only provide unlimited teacher and school personnel accounts, but also provide for the posting of school alerts, announcements, backpack notices, etc. to parents and students accross all major communication platforms (web, email, text mesage, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, RSS, and more.).

Q: Does my school need to have a schoolwide account in order to use the Powerschool and SIS alert capability?

No.  Your school can use the Powerschool and Student Information System Alerts Addon without having to have a schoolwide account.  Doing this would allow your SIS to send parents and students personal messages to parents in the manner in which parents wish to receive them.

Q: How long is the school wide trial period for?

Trial is good for 90-days. During that time you and your staff may create an unlimited amount of teacher accounts.  You will also have full access to all product features.

Q: After the trial period, if we choose to purchase HomeworkNOW, can we start where we left off with the trial account?

Absolutely.  All of your teacher accounts and data will remain in the account.

Q: Will parents and students be able to use the service during the trial period?

Yes. Parents and students have full access to all the features of My.HomeworkNOW.  There they can browse to see their school or classroom listings, and even sign up for free alerts to their email, phones, Facebook and more.