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  • Teacher/User Control Panel See An Example

    Show a day's worth of assignments, a week's, month's, etc. Assignments, references, fun stuff, newsletters - its up to you. You have the flexibility to communicate the information you feel is beneficial to parents, students, and others. Optional templates and examples are also available to help get you on your way.

  • Page Design Templates Math Template Elementary Template Science Template

    Choose from a variety of eye pleasing page templates for your account and pages. There are themes ranging from general education, elementary, math, science, and more!

  • Visual WYSIWYG Content/Page Editor See An Example

    A what? If you don't know, WYSIWYG is short for "What You See Is What You Get." In other words, editing and creating content is easy. Customize your pages and content by adding links, images, video, documents, and much more. Do all this without even knowing HTML with the included editor! Supports all major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and more!

  • Microsoft Office Compatible

    You can create your content in Microsoft Office products and copy them into your class/listing pages. Format, fonts, colors and more remain intact.

  • Upload and Post Files/Attachments

    Upload take home quizzes, pictures, parent consent forms and more! HomeworkNOW supports a wide variety of document types.

  • Contact/Email A Teacher

    Parents and students can contact school personnel directly through teacher/user pages. Parents and students also have the ability to upload documents to school personnel.

  • Archive Old Listings/Postings

    Gives students the ability to go back in time to view older content.

  • Statistics/Access Reports

    Shows a user how many times a class/subject page has been viewed.

  • Parent-Teacher Group Page Template

    When you create a Parent-Teacher Group account on HomeworkNOW, common Parent-Teacher Group pages are already created for you based on recommendations from leading Parent-Teacher organizations. (Pages include: About Us, Announcements, Board Members, Bylaws, Fun Stuff, Meeting Schedule, Meeting Minutes, Newsletter, and Volunteer Acknowledgements).